SSL Certificate
Recommended Wordpress Website
Latest version of Wordpress installed on your server.
Your Business information configured.
Setup of any needed contact email accounts on server.
Setup Website Administration User accounts.

1 premium theme matching your business needs is researched, recommended and on approval purchased, installed and configured. (Customising the theme using css or other code development is limited to 1 hour).

Purchase and install other must have plugins for the website (makes it easy to use and much more secure!)

Facebook and Twitter integration.

Add the core business information, to "Google My Business"
Google analytics, webmaster tools,
Custom MULX Website Design and Development
Bespoke Interactive Website Design and Development.
No less than 20 hours of Design and UX mapping.
No less than 60 hours of functional code development & Page Content production.
Min Total Cost - $4800
Min Deposit required - $2400
Additional Time $60/ hour (Unless purchased as code time slices)
When you need something that really stands out!
Vanilla Wordpress Installation
Latest version of Wordpress Installed on your server.
Basic Website and Business information configured.
Admin accounts setup.
Ready to start building your website by yourself.
+ 2 Email accounts setup.
Simple Business Card HTML Page
Your business card details on a single statics HTML page.
A Google Analytics account is created and linked to the page.
2 emails account setup.
Start being found by google now. Simply give us you business card and we convert it into a basic website in less than a day.
A perfect placeholder for when your new website is being built.
Email Signature Design and Development
Email Signature Design And Development